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Windshield Repair Basics

A cracked windshield can seem like a minor nuisance, but the truth is that it can be quite dangerous. The longer it goes unrepaired, the more likely it is to spread into a crack that could run across your field of vision and threaten the structural integrity of the glass itself.


Windshields Direct LLC is a safety feature, and it might seem like an annoying nuisance when damaged. It can quickly snowball into a crack that compromises visibility and poses a driving hazard. That’s why it’s important to get a cracked windshield repaired as soon as possible, and many shops will make house calls if you can’t bring your car in for an appointment.

Windshields are constantly bombarded by debris that can chip and crack the glass. Rocks and pebbles are probably the most common assailants, picked up by tires and shot out of road work machines like John Dillinger’s Tommy gun. They’re followed closely by big bugs that can do a number on your windshield as they slam into it at highway speeds.

The windshield is made of two layers of glass with a plastic interlayer in the middle, known as laminated glass. This type of glass tends to hold together and won’t shatter or break into granular pieces, unlike standard window glass used in side and rear windows. The latter breaks into small, fine details and is less durable than laminated glass.

The windshield will likely need replacement if the damage reaches the plastic layer. However, if it’s just the outer layer that has been compromised, it might be repaired, depending on its location.

Most repair kits sold to do-it-yourselfers include a syringe-like device that allows you to vacuum air out of a crack and force resin into it. The best of these kits have detailed instructions and often come with video reviews from YouTube users who’ve tried them. The process is quick, easy, and effective.

But even with the best kit and expert instruction, repairing a large crack or chip can be risky. It’s essential to be certain the crack or chip isn’t a stress crack that has formed due to repeated impacts and isn’t worsened by extreme heat or cold. Also, be sure the kit you use is for the size of the crack or chip you’re trying to fix.

The bullseye is the circular cone-shaped break that usually occurs when a rock hits the windshield. These can sometimes be repaired with a DIY kit, but if left untreated, they may grow into bigger cracks requiring full Houston windshield replacement. A successful throw, toss, or shot of an archery target might elicit a shout of “Bullseye!” But bullseye has been used in other contexts since 1825, including anything small and circular.

Windshield repair companies can repair chips, pits, and floater cracks up to 18 inches long. However, cracks extending to your windshield’s edges should be treated as a major issue that may need professional help.

Cracks extending to the windshield’s edge are called floater cracks and can be difficult to repair. A crack that extends to the edge of your windshield will often crack out from the center and spread over time, making it more likely to crack across your window.

Floater cracks can be repaired by applying resin to the surface of your windshield, but this is a challenging task and should only be done by experienced Houston auto glass technicians. They should also be inspected regularly to ensure the integrity of your windshield.

A floater crack that shows signs of separation will appear milky white. That is due to the space created between the PVB and your windshield’s glass. This separation is called the daisy effect because it resembles a flower with petals.

When the air pressure on a floater crack becomes too great, it can cause the windshield to split in two. That is known as delamination and will cause your windshield to leak or become unsafe to drive.

Delamination is a serious problem that can be prevented by having your auto glass technician apply a bonding agent to the surface of your windshield. That will prevent the crack from growing into the area where the adhesive is located. The bonding agent will also help prevent moisture, dirt, and other contaminants from damaging your windshield.

A pit is a small, shallow crack in your windshield that usually appears at the edge of a chip. These can be caused by several factors, including driving on highways where the vehicle in front flings a rock at your windshield or simply age and weather conditions that weaken the glass. Pits may not be as threatening as a crack, but you should still have them repaired to avoid further damage.

Pits can be repaired by filling the divot with resin. Typically, a do-it-yourself repair kit will have an applicator to apply the wax. The resin must be cured with sunlight or UV light, so save this repair job for a sunny day. Some kits will also have a clear plastic film that can be placed over the repair area to keep dust and dirt out until the resin is fully cured. Some kits will include a “pit polish” that can further improve the cosmetic appearance of your windshield.

Super glue or clear nail polish can temporarily fix small cracks and chips. That is a low-fidelity solution and not recommended, but it’s an option for a quick fix until you can professionally repair the shot or chip.

Some cracked windshields can become more serious, causing your field of vision to be compromised. That can be dangerous, especially at highway speeds. Cracks can also spread due to temperature fluctuations, so it’s important to have your windshield repairs done quickly.

Windshield repair companies can often work with your schedule and visit your home or office. You can expect a high-quality repair to prevent the crack from spreading further and restore your windshield to its original condition. If your windshield is badly damaged and unusable, you may need to replace it. A trained technician can advise you if necessary and help you find the right windshield for your car. They can even recommend a windshield replacement company for the installation process. Windshield replacements are a more permanent solution than repair options.

Windshield chips and cracks are a very common car maintenance issue. They are caused by all road debris and the earth’s fauna. Rocks, pebbles, and sand tossed by tires at highway speeds are the most common assailants of windshields. If they are hit with enough force, they can pierce the inner layer of glass and cause a crack.

Fortunately, windshields can be repaired. While super glue and clear nail polish may work as a temporary patch, it is best to get a professional repair done as soon as possible. That will help prevent the crack from getting larger, potentially impairing visibility and driving safety.

The most common method of windshield repair is called “resin injection.” The resin is injected into the chip or crack and heated with a heat gun during this process. That causes the resin to expand slightly, filling in and sealing the damaged area. The wax also strengthens the windshield. Generally, most cracks and chips can be repaired using this method.

However, if the crack or chip extends into the driver’s line of vision, it must be replaced. That is because the windshield is made with two layers of glass, and if damage reaches the plastic or inner layer, it cannot be repaired.

Many windshield repair kits are available if you want to save money on a professional repair. These kits are readily available at automotive parts stores, department stores, and online. The best type of windshield repair kit is the “bridge” style, which fastens to the windshield with suction cups. They are more stable than a syringe-style applicator and can be used on all windshields. Check the kit’s instructions before purchasing; some require specific curing times or other special requirements. Buying the equipment on a sunny day and cleaning the windshield thoroughly before applying the epoxy is also a good idea. That will give the adhesive the best chance of adhering properly.



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